A Dog Lover's Guide to Canine Massage
A Dog Lover's Guide to Canine Massage is the most instructional, easy-to-follow, detailed book I have ever seen on the subject.  The book is encouraging for dog owners who may want to try massage on their own dogs but are not sure how.  After many years of working on my own agility, Frisbee & dock-diving dogs, I still learned a great deal from the images and explanations and enhanced my knowledge and understanding of canine structure.  As a conditioning and cross-training geek (for my dogs, that is) I know this book is bound to be a best-seller amidst our customers and fellow performance dog enthusiasts as a resource for how to keep our dogs in great shape through massage.
— Nadja Palenzuela, Owner
Hooked On Dogs
Purina Incredible Dog Team member

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