A Dog Lover's Guide to Canine Massage
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This book is a welcome edition to the library of dog lovers and dog therapists. As a veterinarian and personnel masseuse to my own three dogs I can’t express enough the importance of touch. The oldest medicine known to mankind is the ‘laying on of hands’, the art of touch.  Once thought of as a distant adjunct to the healing process massage therapy has come full circle and is now a mainstream practice for our pets.  I strongly encourage my clients to take the massage class taught by the authors of this book.  It truly is a beautiful gift to give our pets.  Now I will be recommending my clients buy this book! A Dog Lovers Guide to Canine Massage is an articulate, well organized and comprehensive how- to manual on giving this gift to our pets. Every consideration to the practice of canine massage is covered in this book. Each chapter is easy to read and well diagramed. The contents of each chapter build on one another, fully preparing you to massage your pets.  Especially useful is a chart listing specific breeds and where they are likely to have issues based on their anatomy and use. Buy this book, read it and practice on your dog(s). Your dog will thank you!

— Dr.  Elizabeth Tullett, veterinarian and co-owner of Allen Heights Veterinary Hospital

After reading A Dog Lover's Guide to Canine Massage, I wish I were a dog! This magnificent contribution to the world of massage and the dog world, is easy to read and put to immediate use. I found myself massaging the next dog I saw, to the delight of both of us! The layout and design is very practical and user-friendly for neophytes as well as experienced massage practitioners wanting to incorporate canine massage into their practice. This is a truly valuable and informative guide with great tips and techniques for supporting a dog's health and well being, as well as deepening the beautiful bond between humans and canines.
— Arti Ross Kelso, LMT
Dean, Kripalu School of Massage

We first met Jody eight years ago as we were formulating plans to build our new veterinary clinic. At that time she was meeting with local veterinarians in their practices to see if there was a need and interest for a dedicated canine rehabilitation and hydrotherapy facility in our area. Massage and passive range of motion (stretching) are cornerstones of rehabilitation and hydrotherapy. These techniques have made noticeable differences in many of our clients. Our clinic performs quite a few orthopedic procedures and our clients are increasingly willing to see a certified canine rehabilitation therapist who is also trained in massage techniques. It is this caring, meticulous and dedicated approach that has impressed us greatly and we are happy to call Jody our friend as well as colleague. Jody and Linda have taken the same approach in writing A Dog Lovers Guide to Canine Massage, an outstanding guide for owners. The Message is the massage! We hope dog owners will be richly rewarded by learning to do canine massage. We believe that all who read it will find it illuminating.
— Dr. Donald Gulick and Dr. Claire Blanchard
veterinarians and owners, Bilmar Small Animal Hospital

My two dogs and I are on a 2,400 mile walk across the country and their health and happiness are my top priority. I had the good fortune of meeting Jody shortly before we left and she gave me a copy of A Dog Lover’s Guide to Canine Massage to take with us. It's been in my backpack since day one. I start our day with stretching exercises and end it with massages. Using this book has made our pack closer and stronger, able to overcome the countless challenges we encounter on the road.
— Luke Robinson (and Hudson & Murphy, too!)
2 Dogs 2,000 Miles

There are so many reasons that putting your hands on your dog in a meaningful way can enhance your relationship with her while giving you both pleasure. This book is a valuable tool in learning how to give massage to an older dog with arthritis or other physical compromise, to a dog after surgery, for a competition dog who pushes his body to the "max," and even for a dog who is just the family pet with no special physical needs but who will greatly appreciate the special one-on-one time with you. All these dogs and their different physical situations are addressed by this wonderful workbook, which has clear explanations and even more helpful photographs to guide you through how to touch each part of your dog's body. This book will teach you and guide you in how to use your hands on your dog to release tension, promote healing, increase overall health and most of all to enhance that loving bond you have with your dog that is greater than words can describe. There is no better way to express your appreciation and devotion to your pooch than by following the advice in this much-needed book.
— Tracie Hotchner
Host of Dog Talk® Radio Show and author of The Dog Bible

Whether you have a high end canine athlete or a beloved aging canine companion, canine massage will bring health and emotional benefits to you both. Jody Chiquoine and Linda Jackson bring years of experience working with dogs of all types to this wonderfully organized resource. A Dog Lover's Guide to Canine Massage, a well researched and beautifully illustrated text, should be in every dog fancier's library.
— Janet B. Van Dyke, DVM
CEO and Founder, Canine Rehabilitation Institute, Inc.

A Dog Lover's Guide to Canine Massage is the most instructional, easy-to-follow, detailed book I have ever seen on the subject. The book is encouraging for dog owners who may want to try massage on their own dogs but are not sure how. After many years of working on my own agility, Frisbee & dock-diving dogs, I still learned a great deal from the images and explanations and enhanced my knowledge and understanding of canine structure. As a conditioning and cross-training geek (for my dogs, that is) I know this book is bound to be a best-seller amidst our customers and fellow performance dog enthusiasts as a resource for how to keep our dogs in great shape through massage.
— Nadja Palenzuela, Owner, Hooked On Dogs
Purina Incredible Dog Team member
(with incredible dogs: Clementine, Wee-la, Squirt, Bandit & Lolita)

Jody and Linda's workshop on Canine Massage is always the most popular session at Camp. Their understanding and enthusiasm for the benefits of massage is infectious and they know how to simplify instructions just enough to maintain quality while building confidence in the participants.
— Annie Brody, Director of Camp Unleashed
a holistic retreat for dogs and their guardians in the Berkshires

For most dog owners, their canine companion is a part of their family for whom they feel a responsibility to care for 'up close and personal'. Just as massage is acknowledged as beneficial to humans, so it is also of benefit to dogs. Massage can help our dogs to relax, decrease chronic pain, speed up recovery from injuries, and help condition a working or competitive dog. One interesting side effect of canine massage is the relaxation and strengthening of the bond between dog owners and their canine companions. In A Dog Lover's Guide To Canine Massage, Linda Jackson . . . teams up with Jody Chiquoine . . . . to provide a complete course of illustrated instruction that will enable pet owners to competently massage their dogs regardless of the breed or age of their canine companion. From reading a dog's body language, to the do's and don'ts of massage, to canine anatomy, stretches, massage routines, and commonly asked questions on the subject, A Dog Lover's Guide To Canine Massage is an informed, informative, practical, and thoroughly 'user friendly' instruction manual that is enthusiastically recommended for not only dog owners, but has a great deal of value for veterinarians, groomers, kennel and shelter operators, and trainers as well.
Small Press Bookwatch / Midwest Book Review

Linda Jackson and Jody Chiquoine have written a masterpiece here with A Dog Lover’s Guide to Canine Massage.  Indeed, after practicing a few of the moves from the book on my 13 year old dog, Riley, last night, today he is glued to my leg and staring up at me as if waiting for something more.  (It's a look similar to the one he gets whenever there's a steak bone somewhere close by, only there's not as much drool involved.)  So, for all of us who are dog lovers and who also understand the value of touch, THIS IS THE BOOK to help us keep our canine pals healthier, happier and, perhaps, even with us a little longer on this earth plane.  And, hey, I'm all for that.  (Riley says he is, too.)
Jody Seay, Advanced Certified Rolfer
Award-winning author, and creator, producer and host of the TV show, Back Page

I read A Dog Lovers Guide to Canine Massage and my dog couldn’t be happier!  I easily followed the well-written instructions, and before I knew it, my dog had gotten his first massage.  The illustrations were especially helpful when learning to put the massage techniques into practice.  Through massage, I’ve built an even stronger bond with my dog.  I even used massage to keep him calm during a thunderstorm, and it worked!  This book is a “must have” for dog lovers – and their deserving dogs.
— Gina M. Barry, Esq.
Partner, Bacon Wilson, P.C.

As a Licensed Veterinary Technician and the proud owner of two performance dogs, Skotch, a 9-year-old Golden Retriever, and Basil,  a 7-year-old Flat-Coated Retriever, I am very excited to finally have a basic guide to follow regarding the various stretches and massaging of various muscle groups that are needed to keep my dogs performing at the highest levels in the canine sports of agility, flyball, dock jumping, hunting, and tracking. This book will serve as an excellent tool for dedicated dog enthusiasts who enjoy spending that extra time that is needed to keep our performance dogs feeling their best and remaining active in performance events throughout their lifetime. The various workbook sections offered in this book are extremely helpful in identifying the individual aspects of canine anatomy, and how they apply to the various breeds. I would highly recommend this book to all performance dog owners!
— Becky Ellis, LVT, B.S. in Exercise and Sport Science,
and proud canine performance enthusiast

What a delightful guide!  Well organized, well thought out, a real WORKbook!  Every dog will be begging his human to read, re-read, then work through this book with them as a most willing study subject.  Easy to understand, without being "dumbed down", a great instruction book for the professional, as well as the first time pet owner.  For anyone who wants to do the best they can for their canine – whether they are a performance athlete or a stay at home best friend.
— Sherry Holm, owner No Place Like Holm
Dog training, boarding, showing, 30 years

To date I’ve lived with 23 dogs and thought I understood their body language. Now, I truly do. An informed and informative manual for all of us who want to give the gift of health and happiness to our canine partners, this is an essential book.
— Marion Roach Smith, author
Another Name for Madness, Dead Reckoning, and The Roots of Desire

As a dog owner who has experienced the talents of both Chiquoine and Jackson firsthand – Jody did rehabilitation on both my dogs; Linda did acupuncture and massage on one of them – I can attest to the expertise of these two canine caregivers. Dogs cannot do yoga, and their instinctual stretching routines consist of only one or two actions. The authors have collaborated to produce a book that is written in clear, concise language with easy to follow instructions and photographs that will show the way to anyone who wants to keep the joints and muscles of their animal(s) supple into old age. Every dog owner who cares deeply about the comfort of their dog(s) will want a copy of A Dog Lovers Guide to Canine Massage for their library.
— Daniel Lorber, owner, Down in Denver Rare Books

On the whole A Dog Lovers Guide to Canine Massage is easy to read, understand, and use. It is detailed enough to allow quick use and effective results. It fills a niche along with other books on canine care. And it goes further: not only providing a dog with food, shelter, medical care and exercise, but adds hours of love.
— Marie Cargill, LIC.,AC., Medicine for People and Pets
first alternative medical provider for dogs and
first instructor in Holistic Animal Care in New England

A Dog Lover’s Guide to Canine Massage is a very detailed and user friendly account for anyone interested in improving the well being of their dog. Massage has many benefits for dogs, and this book makes those benefits accessible to all dogs . . . the techniques are explained in a simple, systematic and thorough way so that any beginner human can do this. My favorite section of the book describes dog anatomy as related to human body parts. In one photo the dog is wearing a woman’s dress shoe – informative and humorous at the same time!
— Dawn Allen, Animal Communicator, owner, Dawn’s Animal Connection

I am an attorney in Upstate New York and spend a great deal of my spare time involved in dog rescue. I also volunteer as part of a registered therapy dog team with my Great Pyrenees, Josh. Josh, unfortunately is a product of poor breeding and has multiple orthopedic problems. In addition to surgery, Josh has been going to Jody Chiquoine’s Fitter Critters for both rehabilitation and strengthening. A large part of Josh’s routine at Fitter Critters is stretching and massage in the pool.  A Dog Lover’s Guide to Canine Massage is a great teaching device to learn how to stretch and massage your dog yourself. I find it very intuitive that it starts out with helping the reader to understand body language of your dog. The authors are both stressing how important it is that the reader starts with understanding their dog. I believe that without understanding the body language of a dog it is very difficult to maintain the dog’s good health. Through the course of the book the authors not only impart their knowledge of the canine body and proper techniques of massage and stretching, but their knowledge of dogs as a whole. They teach the reader what to watch for and feel for from their dog as to make it a pleasant experience for both. This book is so well thought out and well written that I am sure that everyone who reads it, whether they have just a little experience with dogs or a lot experience with dogs, will take something useful away from it. Most importantly, the reader’s dog will benefit from the reader’s increased knowledge.
— Eric London, Esq.

As an owner of three Delta Society Therapy Dogs and Coordinator of a Pet Partners Therapy Program, A Dog Lover’s Guide to Canine Massage is a necessary adjunct to the care we need to give our Therapy dogs. Canine Massage in this workbook format is something that owners of Therapy Dogs can easily learn to do to keep their dogs fit, relaxed and doing therapy into senior years. It is a great way to relax our dogs’ minds and bodies so they can do their best work. In addition, it strengthens the canine/caregiver bond even deeper. The authors did a wonderful job at putting into words the techniques used in the book.  Just like people, "dogs can’t give what they don’t have"- offering massage and stretching helps them to be all they can be so they can continue the work of helping others." Water trial is one event that I participate in with my Newfoundlands, Olivier, Lily and Sullivan. I can’t wait to use the techniques I learned from A Dog Lover’s Guide to Canine Massage before and after Water Trial events.  But this is clearly a book for every canine owner. I am hopeful ALL dog-lovers really find the book helpful and informative and it brings you and your dog joy and a better relationship with your companion animal.
— Terry Cormier, Coordinator, Regional Pet Partners Therapy Program
Berkshire Health Systems/Berkshire Medical Center

As a dog trainer, I am extremely aware of the importance of the bond between dog and human. After adopting an extremely fearful Bullmastiff several years ago, I have used many techniques to build her confidence. Last year I attended Linda and Jody's  canine massage class with her. She was a bit fearful upon arriving, but ended up in a wonderful, relaxed sleep by the end of the class. It was a lovely sight! I was therefore very excited to read this well-written, detailed book which has enabled me to correctly massage my dogs at home. A Dog Lovers Guide to Canine Massage not only gives detailed step-by-step instructions, but also includes photographs to enhance the reader's understanding of how to administer each massage. My dogs thank you! I am most certainly recommending this book to my clients as an essential tool to strengthen their bond with their beloved dogs.
Christina Hilliard - CPDT (Certified Pet Dog Trainer)
Gentle Persuasions Dog Training LLC

The pictures in this book are what stood out the most for me.  I thought the overlayed diagrams on the pictures were a very good guide for finding the actual massage points on my dog. I think the entire book was easy to follow and the text was clear and understandable for any dog lover. The workbook section is an appropriate size for when you need to be hands on with your dog. The key points and summaries were also well done. I think Linda and Jody “Know their Stuff” and that the book was “Done with Love”.
— Karen Karlberg, Education & Outreach Coordinator, Berkshire Humane Society




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